What is digitization of content

Digitization of content is the process of converting a traditional non-interactive training material into interactive and trackable E-Learning content.


Content is digitized into E-Learning keeping in mind the profile and persona of the end user of the content. E-Learning content comes with different levels of interactivity, it could be :

  • E-learning / M-Learning Videos (with/without audio)
  • Documentations - Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  • Interactive Simulations
  • Games based trainings

Who are the users of Digitized Content

Learning and Development Function

For L&D team of corporates, we undertake content digitization for
  • Existing legacy content (PPT, PDF, DOC) to trackable E-Learning
  • Storyboard is provided by the client, using which we develop E-Learning
  • Company provides the subject matter expertise and our team undertakes the conversion to E-Learning


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Educational Institution

Educational institution because of high number of courses and students are the biggest beneficiary of digitized content. By converting the curriculum in E-Learning, not only the intitutions are able to increase the efficiency of learning but also are able to extend the benefits to online students.

Types of e-Learning



Basic E-Learning is also known as a page turner where end user is expected to read the content and move forward with very less interactivity.



Interactive content is more lively and engaging, as it would have elements that would engage the user and hence a better assimilation of knowledge is expected over the basic content



Simulations are marked with very high level of engagement and detailing. It brings in a complete immersive experience for the learner and can be used as a training replacement of a actual system.