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We create training content (E-learnings/M-learnings,CBT,WBT etc) for a wide variety of users.These E-learnings/M-learnings are used for training new employees after hiring . Also they work as a live reference for experienced employees.

The E-learnings/M-learnings are made according to the specific job role of a user (such as Finance, Manufacturing, HR and many other areas).

Another important use of E-learnings/M-learnings is for conducting blended training sessions in a classroom.

The training content can be in the following forms:

  • E-learning/M-learning Videos (with/without audio)

  • Documentations - Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

  • Interactive Simulations

  • Games based trainings

The E-learnings/M-learnings can show key stroke level details of any process. It can also show screen shots and navigation. These E-learnings/M-learnings makes it easy for people to perform their jobs.

These E-Learings/M-Learnings make it easy to roll out and implement business application such as ERPs, CRMs, HRMS, SAP, ORACLE, ARIBA etc.

We offer Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Training Management Systems (TMS) to effectively manage the knowledge transfer process.

LMS is used for distributing the online content. It can be accessed through a simple and secure username/password over internet or intranet.

All the online content can be SCORM compliant so that it is supported by third party Learning Management Systems (such as SABA).

We make the content interesting by giving it natural or synthetic voice. This type of content can be very useful in the following situations:

  • Internal training of employees

  • On Job Training (OJT) and context sensitive help

  • Surveys

  • Corporate communications

  • User training after ERP implementation (such as post SAP implementations )

  • HR and Internal communications

These components can be included in training courses, classroom sessions or webinars. We can create SCORM compliant content which can be used with any Learning Management System (LMS).

The content usage and scores can be tracked for management reporting, so that a training manager can get to know which user groups have completed assigned trainings. They can also find out which users are best performers and which users need help.

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