fbpx 9 Ways to Make Interactive Content with Storyline 2 | Stratbeans



1. Relevance: When creating a course on Articulate Storyline 2, you need to ensure that the course you are offering is relevant to your learner; or else they will not realize the value.

2. User-Friendly: If the Storyline generated course is not pro-user; your content will definitely loose its value proposition. Your Articulate content should be challenging to a user in terms of the decision making exercises not because of them having a hard time navigating. So give clear instructions try to show consistency in navigation buttons so the learner can provide undivided attention to the matter instead of the technicalities.  


3. Active Slides – In Articulate Storyline 2, active slides are those that make the learner interact with the screen via clicking at the desired option. Once a click is made, there is a revelation which can be in terms of quizzes or interactions. These activities in Storyline 2 require the learner to apply a bit of their thinking skills; so interaction is a type of activity in which they learner must make a decision within a given situation.

4. Tips – By adding tips you can help the learner put the information on the slide into perspective; as these tips can come as a reminder to why the content that the learner is reading on the Articulate built course is important. If fun but relevant triggers as such are added in Storyline 2 courses, it can help the learner relate with the information.

5. Quiz – In Storyline 2, quizzes are an activity. Usually it is recommended that when providing quiz questions in Articulate, the user should be able to see their answer to a query along with a feedback; this helps in retaining information.

6. Scenario – So in order to create effective eLearning with the help of Articulate Storyline 2, is by creating scenarios. Scenarios help the learner to prepare for a similar situation. With a proper scene, problem statement and a solution with a feedback; the learner can have a fruitful experience. In Articulate, you can set variables, which can help in creating relevant courses; such as when learners with two different roles are taking a course they both end up reading the scenario they can relate to.

6.  Interactivity – With Articulate Storyline 2, its interactions are the best because they guide the learner to take a decision relevant to the scenario.

7. Mixed Media – You must select the appropriate media for your Articulate built course; try to use media that is user-friendly in terms of technology (i.e. provide media that does not include audio and video for those learners that cannot use earphones). As well the over learning experience should be captured, so do not make it noisy with distracting media.

8. Design – Articulate Storyline 2 provides you have the power to create an engaging design. In eLearning if your design fails, then your content fails which means your course fails; you need to make sure the fonts, bullets, colors, object placements, etc. are appropriate or else a bad design will result in a distracted learner.