An eLearning course without interactivity is a no good for sure. An eLearning course that does not have characters is a buzz kill. In this article you can understand the various methods of creating characters for your interactive eLearning.

1. Customize Clip Art: Your Articulate built course can have characters right out of Clip Art. Simply take an image and ungroup it so you may add your own customizations to it; then merge them together to bring out an all-together relevant image for your course. There are so many characters within scenarios in Clip Art images that you can never fall short.

2. Stock Image Characters: There are some stock images that can be used for free; for your eLearning course you may use images of characters by pulling them out of a scenario; so you can have secluded characters. These characters can then be set against any background in Articulate Storyline 2 in order to bring relevance to the content.  

3. Simple Shape Characters – Pictographic images, which are usually used to depict various demonstrative trainings that have a set of procedures that the learner should follow; can also be used in your Articulate built trainings. These can be easily built on Articulate Storyline 2 with various combination of shapes and colors.

4. Flat Design Characters – Flat design characters can be use in Articulate Storyline 2 with the help of PowerPoint; where a bunch of shapes can be amalgamated to create a person.

5. PowerPoint Character Illustrations – With a little skills, you can trace any image that is required to be made with the help of PowerPoint and use the character in Articulate Storyline 2. With the help of Illustrator you can quickly create vector images too.

6. Customize Articulate Characters – The Articulate characters can be ungrouped and customized to your courses need. With Articulate characters you can play around with the facial features and the outfits so it fits the scenario well. In Articulate Studio 13’ you can easily insert a character and un-group it. With Storyline save a character on a slide usually as an .emf or .wmf format so they remain as vector images which can then be modified and ungrouped easily on PowerPoint. With this technique you can substantially change your Articulate characters to an extent where you can add various embellishments, attires, tools etc.

So all these 6 techniques can liven up your eLearning course within Articulate with just a whiff of a hand.

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