Articulate Storyline 2 In-House registration

Privacy Policy

Terms And Conditions
1) Size: Minimum no. of participants is 5.
2) Requirements: 
  • BYOL (Bring Your Own Laptop) policy with applicable Articulate Storyline2 (licensed or 30-day free trial) installed. Ensure that software is working properly.
  • Bring your own mouse and laptop charger.
  • USB port on laptop should be enabled to let us share course files with you.
3) Registration Instructions: 
  • Pricing is for 3 days workshop with trainer from 9AM to 6 PM
  • Organisation will be responsible to arrange travel and stay for trainer
  • Organisation will be responsible to arrange facility with equipments like projector, stationary.
4) Cancelation Policy:
  • 50% refund cancelation is done 14 days prior to workshop.
  • No refund if cancelation is within 14 days of workshop.
5) Our liabilities are limited to the participation fee paid by organisation