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The following points show how Articulate Storyline is a multimedia software that has many benefits above Epiplex in terms of its multimedia properties and producing interactive design, learning and overall experience.  Here you will be able to see an Articulate Storyline vs. Epiplex comparison.

1. Multimedia Software That Has Screen-based Capture and Creates Interactive Content: Articulate Storyline 2 is a multimedia software that can both capture screen based videos, interactive screenshots and at the same time produces very high end interactive content design that is supported in both HTML5 and Flash unlike in Epiplex.



2. Articulate Storyline Supports Mobile Responsive Output: Articulate Storyline comes with a mobile compatible software called Articulate Mobile Player which helps in producing highly interactive and responsive content creation; this multimedia software also provides app and HTML 5 support, which is not possible in Epiplex.


3. Larger User-base: Articulate Storyline is a multimedia software that consists of a very large user group around the globe - more than 48000 customers worldwide that use this tool for outputs such as multimedia presentation, online training and interactive learning.

4. Flexible Licensing: Stratbeans is a premium reseller of Articulate Storyline, with capabilities to set up demos of articulate storyline tutorials if required. Articulate offers easy implementation of the multimedia software within few hours of license purchase. Articulate Storyline sets aside versioning issues, location restrictions, and other productivity hurdles. As compared to Epiplex, Articulate Storyline is a multimedia software that provides flexible software licensing rights which supports the way a user works.

5. Largest Online eLearning Community: Articulate has a very large support community where group discussions and knowledge sharing is highly supported; you can check out the eLearning Heroes and the Rapid eLearning Blog.

6. Content Compatible on LMS: Articulate product content is compatible with any Learning Management System; when using the Articulate Mobile Player the Learning Management System should have Tin Can API specification; this helps the learners to view the eLearning course on a browser that supports Flash or HTML 5 therefore the results can be streamed to the LMS.

7. Enables Game-Based Learning: With Articulate Storyline the user can produce game based content with ease; therefore; promoting game based learning. Unlike Epiplex, Articulate also provides free game-based templates to create eLearning content.

8. Multiple Integration Capabilities: Articulate Storyline has the capability to integrate various media sources such as PPTs, videos and various type of graphics where as in Epiplex you face certain difficulties.

9. Availability of Certified Training Worldwide: Articulate as compared to Epiplex sends across its experts to hold international workshops and understand the multimedia software. Such as trainers like Ron Price engage their learners in a multimedia environment.

10. Strong Integration with Language Content: - Articulate Storyline allows the user to publish to their eLearning material onto Microsoft Word, allows Tracking and Reporting, Right-to-Left Language Support, and Translation Support. This support is not present in Epiplex as it is with a multimedia software such as Articulate Storyline.

11. Accessibility Compliance: Articulate follows Section 508, which makes this multimedia software accessible to people with disabilities; making this an interactive learning experience for a variety of users.

12. Economic Package: As compared to Epiplex, Articulate Storyline falls at a more economic range with a lot more design features and functionality; this multimedia software is also a lot easier to utilize.