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A Large Restaurant Chain Requiring Scalable Automated Training For Frontline Sales and Customer Service Staff

CLIENT: A large resturant chain

Industry: Hospitality

Implementation: eLearning

The Business Problem

The customer was the world’s largest restaurant company in terms of system units with more than 39,000 restaurants in more than 125 countries and territories and 1.4 million associates. It was ranked high on the Fortune 500 List and generated more than $13 billion in revenue in 2012. The organization had recently entered Indian market and wanted to scale to more than 1500 stores in all parts of India. The main issue faced by the company was Front Office training of their staff on Point of Sale (POS) system at national level.. The training was supposed to be done quickly so that the large backfill requirement of employees could be achieved without adversely impacting the brand of the organization. The target audience was 10th/12th pass employee.

Solution / Intervention

We captured the keystroke level details of the point of sale process in a variety of situations. Using these captures we created two type of e-learning modules. Demo/video modules were created for giving knowledge inputs with interactive VO based content on Point of Sale (POS) system. Simulation modules to practice the process learnt, the simulations gave a real life exposure without being connected to the application data- thus avoiding any data corruption due to negligence of trainees. Quiz modules were also created to test the contextual knowledge of trainees .E-Learning helped users in keystroke level understanding about the application (POS micros system).Since the target audience was 10th/12th pass candidates so we developed the content in easy and understandable language. The modules were launched at a large number of branches in first phase and subsequently they were launched at all the branches.


The cashiering simulations were found especially suitable for skill training of the new hires and they were used as a standard part of induction toolkit. Real life examples in the form of role plays and videos helped the employees grasp the hospitality skills which resulted in good sales and client interaction. The training models saved a lot of time for the employees and also helped the organizations to cut down the training costs by 25%.