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Multiple Process Training For a Third Party BPO

CLIENT: A large corporate

Industry: BPO

Implementation: eLearning

The Business Problem

The customer was a large third party BPO. This BPO was India’s second largest provider of outsourcing solutions to customers in USA and UK. A number of processes with industries varying from Healthcare, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Finance, Insurance and Automotive were involved. The training cost and training time for finance processes (AP, AR and General Accounting) were very high and also the attrition in these processes was a big concern. The training for these processes took a long time due to training not only on the contextual process but also on the underlying enterprise systems (such as ERPs).

Solution / Intervention

A large number of business analysts were aligned with the content creation team. The team was headed by an industry expert in finance who had extensive knowledge of BFSI domain and also that of BPO operations. Process SOPs were created in smart self-paced modules which were shared on common drive available on the intranet. For areas involving ERP related inputs, simulators were created to verify knowledge levels of the agents. The modules were assigned to agents according to job roles. Extensive tracking dashboards were created to make sure that course launch, completion and defaults are tracked in real time.


As a result of this process training became very flexible and auditable. The learning tracks showed reduction in training time of about 25% for OJT and 15 % for offsite training. Overall process strength improved with lesser dependence on manual training.