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Scaling of Integrated Network of Professional Healthcare Service

Client: A large corporate

Industry: Healthcare

Implementation: LMS

The Business Problem

The customer was a medium sized organization based out of east coast USA, involved in comprehensive Professional Care Management through a network of integrated medical, nursing and home care services. Care managers, physicians, and nurses involved in the system were required to be trained and certified on a customized care management plan. The pieces of training were required to be done in a flexible environment so that the trainees could log into the training modules at a convenient time from any location.

Solution / Intervention

The training content was created for operational needs of Care Management Team. The content was placed online and it included a time-plan within which it was to be completed by the caregivers to be certified on the platform. Since the caregivers also required explaining the various plans available for the patients, therefore a product training module set was created in audiovisual format. A large number of caregivers, physicians, specialists and clinical teams were trained through an online cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS). A navigational training module set was created to train on the usage of EMR system. The online training portal was integrated into a state-of-art web portal.


The training portal helped the caregivers to access the training modules from any location and at their own time. The product training helped the caregivers in better interaction with the patients and they were able to understand the functions of the EMR system with ease and at their own pace. The care management plan was implemented successfully through the online portal. The scaling of the customer was very successful in the US east coast and later on in the entire USA.