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Training Standardization For a Large Captive BPO

CLIENT: A large corporate

Industry: BPO

Implementation: eLearning

The Business Problem

The customer was a large BPO with various types of processes. The BPO was a captive unit of the parent organization. The headquarter was based in USA, UK while the back office was based out of Gurgaon and Chennai . The attrition was rampant and a large number of hiring was done each month. It was very difficult to manage proper quality check in training resulting into various quality issues and demoralization of agents working on the shop floor

Solution / Intervention

We mapped the entire training content into demarcated process areas. The process experts were identified for each process training area, and a standard training configuration for job roles was identified. Specialized capture tools were used to discover and record process steps for complex business processes. The captured processes were converted into audio visual self-paced training material. The processes checks were created to test knowledge of agents and to certify them.


Significant training costs were saved (about 37%). The dependence on subject matter experts was reduced for training; attrition of SMEs did not result into immediate knowledge loss. Properly certified agents were deployed on the shop floor resulting into significant satisfaction of customer.