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Futureproofing Leaders to continuously succeed in a Digitally Evolving Economy!

Business models and business environments are being disrupted more than ever causing uncertainty and ambiguity.  The role of leaders and their ability to lead in uncertain times is becoming stronger.  Being digital is no longer an option but it is a necessity now and leaders have to play a crucial role in driving digital dexterity for organizations.

Join us to find out if you are prepared for Modernized Leadership Development.  In this webinar you will learn:

  1. Changing nature of leadership
  2. Research based findings around leadership development
  3. Democratizing Leadership Development using Technology
  4. How should L&D align their efforts to prepare leaders to be successful in uncertain times

Speaker Profile:


Payal Chawla                                                          
Professional Services Design Head, India and Asia

Payal is Skillsoft’s Service Design Expert  who designs creative, cross-functional approaches to addressing complex customer needs involving learning programs, technology and learning assets.

A pragmatic Talent & Learning Professional, Payal has over 17 years of versatile experience across industries and specializes in driving performance and business results by understanding business strategies and utilizing this knowledge to develop and implement customized, people-focused and innovative learning & development solutions that take place in the flow of work..

Webinar Session Details:

Date: 04th June 2020

Time: 11 AM (IST)

The webinar is not opened for registration however you can get the video link by filling the registration form  .


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