Performance support tools fill the knowledge gap of employees when they perform their duties on a day-to-day basis. The performance support application 'GoPerform' is installed on mobile devices carried by the employees and therefore whenever the employees are looking for any complex information they can readily find it through the GoPerform app. With the help of GoPerform app each employee functions at the peak performance armed with the latest information without depending on an SME within the organization.

To use the GoPerform app the employees can simply type out their question or speak to the app. The artificial intelligence layer in the background mimics a subject matter expert and quickly deciphers what the employee is trying to ask ignoring any misspelling or faulty language. Then it quickly finds the response from the unstructured data in the background and transmits it to the employee in less than a second.

With the help of the GoPerform app, the employees are able to engage customers better without breaking away from the conversation. An example of how it is applied to sales scenario is when it is a “Virtual Sales Expert” powered by Artificial Intelligent technology to act as an instant data retrieval tool for your “fleet-on-street” sales-workforce.  It runs with ease on a variety of mobile devices.

It has an advanced workflow integration and robust online reporting dashboard. The dashboard is driven by strong analytics, which guides trainers and managers in monitoring the strengths and weaknesses of the sales team. The GoPerform App has third-party integration capabilities; so with this single-sign on feature managers can be in ease of having the App integrated with their corporate management systems.  


  • Instant access to complex information
  • Very useful for everyone who is on the move
  • Engage the clients without breaking the conversation
  • Peak performance of customer-facing employees 

GoPerform App Features and Functions

Artificial Intelligence Technology

The artificial intelligence layer in the background mimics a subject matter expert and quickly deciphers what the employee is trying to ask ignoring any misspelling or faulty language.

Performance Support System

As a performance support system, it helps the workforce/sales teams to be updated with product knowledge and competitor’s product knowledge from anywhere.

Quick Data Retreival Tool

Quick data extraction and display - the quintessential feature, helps a user to get answers for queries instantly 

Third-Party System Integration Capability

Integration with the existing corporate management systems like HRMS, LMS facilitates the addition and updation of data without trouble.

Robust Online Reporting Dashboard

Reporting dashboards give a quick idea of frequently asked queries and insights on how to improve the information displayed as well as suggest new queries.