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Get new ideas. Articulate pros worldwide share their best examples right here. You'll find inspirational slides, interactions, assessments, and more. There are various sorts of interactive eLearning courses that can be created with Storyline 2 and Studio 13’.

That’s why we put together this list of amazing examples created by Articulate pros ranging from content developers, instructional designers and learning & development trainers. Have a look at some of the top examples of excellent Web-based courses developed using Articulate to get some inspiration for your next e-learning course. 

Articulate Storyline 2

Articulate Storyline 2

Storyline 2 gives an even better user feel than Storyline. It is simple and has powerful features to easily create interactive courses faster than ever. 
With Storyline 2, you’ll have:
  • More ways to bring your content to life, so you can keep learners engaged
  • More ways to create exactly what you imagine
  • More ways to boost productivity, so you can create courses faster
Supports Android and HTML5

Users can view Storyline 2 whenever and wherever they desire. It supports Android tablets, learners can view their courses on web browsers (HTML5) and the Articulate Mobile Player app. 

Upgraded Slider Interaction

With the new Slider Interaction in Storyline 2, users have the ability to manipulate data, control objects and navigation, explore cause-and-effect relationships and more.

Effective Motion Paths

Storyline 2 gives 10 unique motion paths to select from, users can start a path from an object’s initial or current position, or even add multiple paths to a single object. These motion paths can be triggered using the timeline or by a user’s actions.

Newer Animations

Storyline 2 has more animation opportunities. With faster effects, 10 new entrance and exit animations and the ability to provide duration in seconds. There are customizable animation behavior available, now direction, shape and number of spins of an object can be added. 

Upgraded Transitions

Storyline 2 has 11 new transitions, including effects such as direction and better control. The user can set transition duration in seconds in order to have seamless courses.

Improved Triggers
Users can execute a trigger when the timeline reaches a specific time or cue point, or when an animation is complete.

Articulate Studio '13

Articulate Studio '13

Articulate Studio '13 is a creative gamut, complex yet simple, powerful but not intimidating, astounding capabilities yet easy to use. This product works with PowerPoint, it is intuitive and familiar.
However, the results are anything like the courses you have ever created before. Studio '13 is comprised of a full range of products to make eLearning from scratch. It is a useful tool for both first-timers or an experienced designer.
Easy To Use
This tool is so easy to use, that even nontechnical users can create professional, interactive eLearning courses easily, quickly, and that too affordably.
Seamless Integration
All tools that Articulate Studio ’13 comprises of, work together seamlessly; therefore, making it a smooth experience for the users.
Effective Interaction
Articulate Studio '13's effective interactive elements help in defining how learners can navigate within a course based on their assessment results.
Productivity Boost
You can see a boost in the learner's productivity, as the workflow has been streamlined and is intuitive because eLearning experts have designed every tool with precision.