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Drive Operational efficiencies

  • Teach Point of Sale (POS) on simulators for quick grasp of the complexity and better accuracy of cashiering
  • Implement performance support in the property management
  • Equip front of the house with automated SOPs and digital learning methods such as mobile learning
  • Improve back of the house effectiveness by creating automated learning modules for all the departments which support the establishment
  • Identify gaps and expedite the development of necessary skills
  • Constantly and intelligently build development and career plans
  • Train employees faster and make them confident about their own readiness
  • Reduce dependance on trainers and reduce overall cost of training by replacing parts of classroom training to online and mobile learning
  • Improve productivity with mobile learning at ultra low costs
  • Find your best performers and encourage them with recognition, at the same time codify the best performer skills and knowledge for the benefit of all workforce
  • Create virtual organizational brain – with smart repository

Manage risk and regulatory compliance

  • Monitor high-stake areas and increase compliance levels
  • Move beyond compliance to an actual compliant behavior in workforce
  • Quickly implement any compliance changes

Transform Customer experience and sell more

  • Arm your teams with the latets knowldege about features, benefits and comparisons without taking them away from work
  • Enable your sales teams with sales skills blended with customer service orientation
  • Use multimedia training to drive the communication to the last mile of customer interaction and do process training with flexible methods which do not interrupt the work schedules
  • Launch products faster by driving communication quickly to the last mile
  • Measure, communicate and track customer service goals
  • Improve employee engagement