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Rapid eLearning Solutions

Stratbeans understands the importance of your learning needs and aims to create highly customized eLearning solutions that trigger productivity. Stratbeans provide rapid eLearning solutions for quick learning requirements.Stratbeans understands that time equals money and money equals time. When developing eLearning we make sure to comply with the set of deadlines and timelines.
With rapid authoring tools, such as Articulate (all products), Captivate, Raptivity, Lectora and Epiplex; we can provide the solutions to develop your course content for any urgent training needs. A variety of trainings can be created with the help of these authoring tools.

Our Rapid eLearning Solutions Offerings

Expert Consulting

Stratbeans experts are well-rehearsed with majority of the rapid authoring tools. With the best experts, we guarantee that your requirement for a quick and effective eLearning development is met.

Optimization of Existing Learning Content

We can take your currently non-digitized content that are not yet in an eLearning form and transform them via rapid authoring tools into effective eLearning course.

Optimized Output

Organizations are continuously facing requirements of course content for their employee trainings. We can develop content with rapid authoring and decrease the time along with effort. Within a short time-frame an immense amount of learning content can be developed and dispersed to your users.

Rapid Authoring Tool Training

If the client requires a workshop to be held for any rapid authoring tool, we can make it available to them. We make sure the client can understand to use and develop their own content; which aims at benefitting the learning process.

Solution For All

With rapid authoring tools, variety of courses can be created. We have no restrictions on the type of learning content and we follow the given development time.

Time and Cost Cutting

With rapid authoring tools the eLearning development process can be ensured that the content generated is relevant to the urgent learning requirement and also falls under a smart budget.