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What is Talking Pages

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Talking Pages is a revolutionary system to train FLEET ON STREET - Field Sales Force and Customer Support Staff. Talking Pages uses proprietary technology which does not need laptops or desktop computers but works on basic feature phones which the sales force mostly use. It has a powerful learning management system (LMS) loaded with learning material and assessments in voice format. To initiate the training a trainee can simply dial a toll free number. Moreover the LMS can itself call up the trainees at times when they are available and pass on useful information in the form of "2 minute Knowledge Bullets". 


Where to use Talking Pages

  • The talking pages are used where the learner wishes to get some information on the fly. Typically the learner may not have any desktop or laptop or smartphone.
  • Talking pages help in engaging the learners very widely upto the last minute when they are trying engage a prospect.
  • Talking pages can be used for assessments (Quiz) or for training (Knowledge Bullet).
  • The talking pages can either make outbound call or receive an inbound call from authorized users.
  • The scores of the quizzes are instantly recorded and presented on a dashboard for the trainers and managers.
  • The talking pages can also be used for compliance assessments.
  • Lastly, virtual adaptive testing (with changing difficulty level) can be conducted using talking pages.