The Business Problem

The customer is a leading Back Office Operations Provider specializing in the field of insurance and banking which provides business process solutions to the clients based out of USA, UK and Australia .

They outsource the training materials related to various industries like insurance, healthcare, banking and financial services. They had a large requirement for an Insurance Company based out of USA to provide authoritative insurance related training content using which the employees of that insurance company get relevant industry certifications in insurance domain.

The content had to be delivered over internet using an in-house Learning management System (LMS). The online e-learning modules had to be SCORM compliant and highly interactive

Solution / Intervention

The subject matter of insurance was very complex and it had to be analysed and relevant industry experts from the Insurance domains were assigned to build the content. The content was digitized into SCORM objects .Since these modules were designed especially for their US and UK clients. Therefore a natural native English voiceover with neutral accent was integrated into digitized online modules. These modules were created using high quality graphics and animation so that the interest of a learner was maintained and the complex topics were sufficiently treated to make the learning process efficient. The e-learning modules contained L3 level animation (Narrative Brief).


The program was very successful and the US insurance organization was able to certify a large number of employees in a short time, they saved more than 37% of training cost associated with the certification trainings. The learning time was cut-down by 46% (largely due to flexibility with pacing of module along with the convenience of access from a location of choice) .The learning modules were quite engaging and employees were able to learn at their own pace.