Game-Based Learning Solutions

Stratbeans understands the importance of your learning needs and aims to create impressive Game-Based Learning Solutions that trigger productivity through its engaging approach. Stratbeans can provide game-based learning solutions, this solution has a gameplay with defined learning objectives and outcomes. We keep in mind to develop a game-based learning solution that balances the course subject matter along with the gameplay so that your users can retain the knowledge and apply the learnt matter into the real world.

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Game Based Learning Solutions
Game Based Learning Solutions

Game-based learning solutions

We create corporate game-based learning solutions that aims to incorporate the gaming platform and the user’s attention throughout the overall cycle. Stratbeans can develop complete courses or even short games that can be blended with your existing eLearning content. Game based learning uses game design principles to make context more engaging and fun. An important success factor is that the game should also meet the end learning goals, this requires a fine blend of learning transmission and relevant game theme.

Types of games

Ready-Made Gaming Template

Ready-Made Gaming Template
  • This game based learning solution is for subject-matter experts that wish to create games with their own question bank with a variety of question types.
  • The question bank can be uploaded to a software platform and in terms of creating a game; they simply select ready made templates.
  • Gamiflexer, is a cloud-based platform that allows subject-matter experts to upload their question bank and select from a variety of gaming templates.
  • These training and development games are created and are present on the Gamiflexer platform from here the managers can assign the games to their trainees.
Customized Gaming Template
  • For subject-matter experts who wish to have a customized gaming template; specialized softwares can be used to create desired templates based on the specific gaming features required.
  • The benefit is that through the newly created game-based learning templates, the SMEs can create a variety of training and development games.
  • The vendor adds custom-made templates to already available game-based learning templates through the Gamiflexer or an empty gaming arena (platform for distribution of games).
  • Then the custom built templates are added and the subject matter experts can start creating games. So with more flexibility and ease of game-creation within a short time a large number of games can be created.
Customized Gaming Templates

Scratch Gaming Templates

Scratch Gaming Template
  • Stratbeans understands the importance of your learning needs and aims to create impressive game-based solutions Gaming Templates that trigger productivity through its engaging approach.
  • Usually the solution to the development of exhaustive/complex and longer games with an already built in question bank.
  • Game design is developed with an elusive discussion between the client and Stratbeans SMEs to create a game that directly aligns with the learning strategy.
  • These games can be lengthy in nature and we provide a pre-baked question game that makes it easy for trainers to quickly distribute it to the learners.
Game Based Learning Solutions

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We are recognised as the most promising e-learning and gamification content providers. If there was a prize for an Elearning concept, it would probably be intuitive learning using gamification. Whichever format of gamified E-learning your organisation chooses, it is upto us to utilise the concepts. Industries and learning organisations use this on an extensive basis. Salesforce is the most important business process that can utilise gamification to reap the most profit out of it.
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Gaming Arena

Game Based Learning Solutions

It is an advanced workflow-based technology, which is used for distribution of multiplayer games, it houses gaming templates through which the trainers can create games themselves. The Gaming Arena has a repository where all the games are housed. Each game has a different gameplay and theme; the trainers simply pick up the games from the Gaming Arena and allocate them to relevant trainees.

Gaming Arena consists of scoreboards, leaderboards and badges; this aims to create a social ecosystem. This ecosystem creates a high motivation amongst the users to finish of their learning related tasks. With leaderboards you can showcase the best performing and effective learners, which is visible to all the learners who are play that game.

Gaming Arena is installed via cloud; and made available via a customized URL. Once launched, all the users will see the games assigned to them; the managers can see the progress reports and gaming activity.

Our Game Based Learning Offerings

Wide Range of Games

Game Based Learning Solutions
Jigsaw Puzzle

Game Based Learning Solutions
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Game Based Learning Solutions
Matching Game

Game Based Learning Solutions
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Game Based Learning Solutions
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Game Based Learning Solutions
Shooting Game

Game Based Learning Solutions

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