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We are focused on providing our clients with the highest level of quality and excellent customer support in e-learning services solutions.

Stratbeans e-learning services solutions create game-based solutions that incorporate the gaming platform and the user’s attention throughout the learning cycle. We believes in catering to a variety of learning needs of a large number of learners. Choose from a variety of courses in Leadership, Soft Skills and Business skills with Stratbeans e-learning services solutions.

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    E-learning Services We Offer

    We design, build and support e-learnings for clients worldwide. We make your business stand out.

    E-Learning Development Methodology

    • 1
      Planning Phase

    • 2
      Design Phase

    • 3
      Development Phase

    • 4
      Testing Phase

    • 5
      Continuous Support Phase

    Planning Phase


    • We create a project management schedule that clearly identify the eLearning development stages, activities, owner, due dates and status.
    • We determine the tasks, deadlines, constraints and parties involved then distribute the project management schedule to all stakeholders.
    eLearning Services LMS

    Design Phase

    eLearning Services LMS

    Content Gathering and Analysis

    • Gather existing content, analyze the provided content and determine the content gaps and additional content to be developed.
    • We then gather the graphics, logos and color scheme requirements from the client.

    Instructional Design

    • Our instructional designers determine the instructional goals and performance objectives. Then we determine the instructional strategy, this specifies how the content will be converted into an engaging eLearning course.
    • Is the elearning going to be a scenario-base learning, game-based learning, story-based learning, with simulations, etc?
    • Then a design document is created which specifies the content, look and feel and the instructional design elements of the program.

    Story Boarding

    • Here the graphic designers layout the content into a design template. They document the content, programming instructions and voice over text for each page.
    • Designers create the first draft, have the stakeholders review and then incorporate the changes.
    • Deliver the second draft to stakeholders and get it approved.
    • Create narration scripts, if applicable, which are handed to the voice over talent that has been approved by the stakeholder.

    Development Phase

    Development and Production

    • Create GUI for eLearning project; then get approval from stakeholders of look and feel, navigational elements and placement.
    • The assets that are needed are determined such as graphics, photos, animations and characters.
    • Create the assets and have them approved by stakeholders.
    • Produce, develop and program the course only after approval from clients for final storyboard, voiceover, look and feel and assets.

    Testing Phase

    Quality Assurance

    • To assure the product quality, we check the product thoroughly.
    • We make two deliveries, the alpha delivery is tested by the quality team who take out the mistakes, and bugs found in it.
    • Then we deliver the beta delivery of e-learning services solutions, the final delivery, which is tested by the stakeholders.

    Continuous Support Phase

    Integration and Delivery

    • The course is then integrated into an existing learning management system (LMS) or an external server.

    Internal E-Learning Marketing

    • We help L&d department to internally market the e-learning courses via newsletters, emails and mailers.

    Stratbeans e-learning services solutions development team

    The Business Analysts, Project Manager, Instructional Designers, Multimedia Designers, eLearning Developers and Quality Assurance teams at Stratbeans are working long and hard to deliver the best elearning services to make the clients satisfied.



    The Business Analysts are with who the client’s meet and discuss the eLearning requirements with. Their basic motive is to extract the client requirement and convey the nature of work that is to be converted to a project to the Project Manager. Our Business Analysts helps uncover hidden knowledge gaps and requirements of the client to create detailed and effective project.



    The Project Manager is in charge of the project management. The Project Manager looks in the scope, activity, sequencing and planning, scheduling, quality control, risk management and team management. Stratbeans project managers all have strong interpersonal skills so that effective communication exists from the start of project initiation.



    The Instructional Designers at Stratbeans are computer-based designers. All of our Instructional Designers are thoroughly aware of Adult Learning Theories; which they apply in the eLearning design to create an effective course content. Our Instructional Designers are in charge of providing strong input in order to increase the target audience learning curve.



    Our Multimedia Designers are familiar with a wide range of multimedia development tools when it comes to eLearning development. We select the most creative and artistic individuals for our client’s work. The Multimedia Designers are in charge making sure that the Instructional Designer’s vision is fully incorporated into the design of the course content.



    The eLearning Developers ensure that the development is done efficiently and effectively. Our eLearning Developers take into consideration that the course being developed is engaging and interactive. All of our eLearning Developers have basic computer-based instructional design, adult learning theory and various types of multimedia development tools.



    Stratbeans team of Quality Assurance all have basic knowledge of computer-based instructional design and adult-learning theory. Along with the multimedia development tools and rapid content authoring tools.
    The Quality Assurance team is in charge of assuring
    overall quality of the project.