Case Study - Learning Management System for Retail Industry

About client

Large scale retail chain which operates multiple stores across the country. It is a one-stop shop for consumers in India. It is present in many places, employs a workforce from various countries, and serves a wide range of clients.

They place a strong emphasis on having tech-savvy employees, ready and knowledgeable staff, and on assisting consumers in making the best decisions. They put a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction and realize how important it is to teach their staff. They are aware that the foundation for consumer happiness and company expansion is staff satisfaction.

LMS Training for a Diverse Workforce

The training of client heterogeneous personnel in many places has been difficult. The business also wanted to go digital so that workers could educate and train themselves, mainly dealers / shop owners, even from a distance. Finally, the business aimed to speed up and simplify learning for students so that they could easily upgrade their skills while working with  an Learning Management System for Retail Industry.

The Challenge

They sought a training solution that would enable dealers to enroll in courses on their own, finish them, and receive comprehensive results in technical and product training from the system. Being into retail and ecommerce their dealers are not well educated. Hence, with the rapid increase in the store number and business. Client wanted to set up an effective training culture for their dealers to help them with the complete technical and product knowledge.

Learning Experience Platform Assessment Tool


  • The concept of incentive-based training that client was aiming for was well-suited by a gamified LMS.
  • Information retention improved, and training effectiveness was greatly increased.
  • Higher completion rates were seen with mobile app learning, which made learning simple.
  • The administrative tasks grew simple and less prone to mistakes.
  • Earlier, the training was conducted through classroom sessions and assessments.
  • They already have inhouse trainers, the current training is also handled by the trainer and entire ILT / Classroom training is managed through our LMS, Sharing of content/modules and assessment.
  • Stratbeans has built custom strategic reports for clients to understand their dealers’ learning progress.


  • Their customer satisfaction increased by 16% in first 4 months.
  • Overall sales increased by 7% in first 4 months and showing a progressive growth chart till now (continuing).
  • Upselling increased by 4.3% and Cross selling increased by 5.1% in first 4 months, due to employees increased product knowledge and customer need analysis skills

All these numbers are coming from tech users who are not tech savvy, so it indeed makes it impressive in terms of the system’s user-friendliness for high adoption and boosted our customer success team and client’s stakeholder with motivation to bring more innovation to LMS.

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