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Standardize knowledge and skills behind the process

  • Identify key learning needs across the process

  • Identify transactional/Procedural learning areas and areas with high complexities

  • Create automated learning and certification methods for job roles using digital content on Learning and Content Management Systems (LCMS)

  • Use advanced analytics in learning space to dig deeper into process improvement

Equip your teams for better productivity

Arm your line managers with readymade, standardized BPO/KPO specific management modules expertise in wide areas such as:


  • Introduction to BPO and KPO business

  • Operations Management

  • People Management

  • Workforce Planning

  • Quality and Control

  • Understanding Financials

  • Common terms, definitions, acronyms and formulae

Improve Customer service

  • Use automated learning process for customer service staff without pulling them away from work

  • Introduce “Virtual Customer” to mimic real customer interaction during training of customer servicing teams

  • Implement micro-learning and dramatically improve intellectual quotient of the associates without changing their learning styles

  • Implement psychometric engine which can be used for finding subtle areas of improvement

Reduce Process risk

  • Control attrition Impact on the process, by codifying process knowledge digitally

  • Monitor compliance levels across processes for various risk areas

Improve your team's conversational skills

  • Use simulators to train process teams in the skills necessary to be able to strike an informed conversation with customers

  • Retrain your team’s best performers through assessment center and adaptive stochastic learning technologies

  • Improve voice capability using voice quotient improvement tools   

Improve Process transitions

  • Increase remote transitions by using process capture technologies

  • Equip the subject matter experts who travel to customer locations as transition managers by equipping them with rapid process capture technologies

  • Implement auto generation of SOP’s during solution identification in transitions

  • Handle customer sign off on processes by using true SOP generation

  • Enable newly hired teams without too much on the job training by implementing simulated true training in Induction and pre training stages of on boarding

Improve operations

  • Implement process support and improve operational metrices

  • Quickly capture and cover exceptions

  • Reduce attrition levels by implementing fun methods of learning gap discovery

  • Improve productivity and accuracy of associates with Simulators and interactive video based skilling