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Advanced Simulation Based Training for Field Sales Team

Client: A large corporate

Industry: BFSI

Implementation: Advanced Simulation

The Business Problem

Steep rejection rates in forms filled and submitted by agents on account of either inaccuracy or incompleteness stemming from a lack of knowledge as well as lack of appreciation of the processing requirements of the company. This often led to high rates of rework and consequent cost of. Repeated training interventions, including refreshers, covering 8000 agents across the country, both costly and logistically difficult.

Solution / Intervention

Gamified solution, based on the theme of the movie “3 Idiots”, created to enable hands-on practice at their location, on their own time. This included providing them an overview of the entire process so that they were able to appreciate the need for filling each from accurately and completely. 


The Return to Sales (RTS), measure used by the company to track such rejections, came down to under 15% within three months of introducing the intervention (it has further reduced since). The gamified intervention created a sense of competition amongst the agents, almost like a local league table in a remote location, causing them to keep going back to the game and improve their scores.