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ITC Marketing and Corporate Content Revamp


Industry: Hospitality

Implementation: Content Marketing

The Business Problem

ITC group has a large repository of online and flash based content for internal and corporate communications. A large number of such videos were created long back using legacy technologies .Over a period of time the content has started losing its relevance due to change in the data used ( such as statistical numbers and ITC overview including product lines and messaging).It was a big challenge to migrate this content to new technology platforms where it could be used along with the LMS while at the same time improving the content of these module.

Solution / Intervention

All the video objects were individually identified. The content changes were listed carefully to make a complete story line .Artistic effects were created in the story board; Finally the video objects were decompiled using proprietary techniques. All the objects were updated and ported to new state and the vast improvements were done in the aesthetics through audio visual effects.


The videos became more interactive and were integrated to new technical platforms which later helped them in promotions and marketing. The new videos generated a lot of coverage and increased the customer experience and helped the organization to project their services in a more organized and engaging way.