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A Leading Legal Process Expert Organization Seeking Online Automated Training Module On Various Legal Matters

CLIENT: A large corporate

Industry: BPO

Implementation: eLearning

The Business Problem

The customer is a global leader in providing technology powered legal services and business solutions.  They had deep domain and industry expertise in the legal domain. They operated in the fields of litigation services, including e Discovery and document review, Contract review and management, Intellectual property, Immigration and Legal research and law firm support. The customer had offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, Israel and India. The main concern was to train the contract managers/ obligation owners / escalation owners on various contract management tools and some reporting modules. The contract managers were spread geographically across all continents and the strength of managers were quite huge.

Solution / Intervention

We developed audio-visual e-learning modules by capturing their entire process and techniques. The modules were placed online over a Learning Management System available on cloud. The training leaders were given access to the LMS through which they could not only deliver the digitized module based training but also the synchronous one-on-one training. The contextual knowledge was delivered in the form of continuous play modules with graphical case studies such as in the area of IP management. The modules were given high quality synthetic voice over. These online digital modules were heavily optimized so that trainees could launch them over very little bandwidth also.


The training coverage increased significantly after the launch of online training program, many users started coming online in asynchronous mode which reduced the cost of trainers and also confirmed the popularity of these modules. Besides 35 % cost saving, the client’s satisfaction rate also increased.