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SAP Training for Dealers of a Construction Equipment Maker Manufacturing

Client: A large corporate

Industry: Manufacturing

Implementation: SAP Training

The customer was a leading construction equipment maker (largest in India). They had implemented SAP at its plants and at the dealer organizations. The dealers did not have expert IT staff; however, they needed to be proficient in using dealer management system for their own efficiency. Also, it was very costly and time-consuming process to train the Dealer Staff distributed over a large Geography. So they were looking for an LMS system that can be accessed from anywhere and at any time.

We analyzed implemented SAP modules and identified important areas where self-paced training content and live job aids should be applied. A large team of business analysts was deployed to start and finish the process capture within 8 weeks. English and Hindi language modules were created and hosted online on Stratbeans ‘ LMS. Smart tracking and MIS dashboard were attached within the LMS which allowed real-time tracking of training progress.An assessment system was also linked to various knowledge areas to test the user comprehension. In addition, artificial simulations were created for users so that they could practice actual skills without needing access to live SAP environment.


Training the dealers became easy and since the assessment was linked to it, monitoring of employees performance saved a lot of efforts of the training staff. The detailed reports helped the managers to compare the employees’ progress and provide the feedback simultaneously. The dealers became quite comfortable with the SAP usage which helped them to improve their efficiency.