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Smart Online Assessment for a Leading Insurance Company for Employees

CLIENT: A large corporate

Industry: BFSI

Implementation: Assessment Platform

The Business Problem

The client was India's leading Insurance providers for Life Insurance and other plans. IRDA mandated for all insurance selling agents to pass certain exams and since the company had branches all over the world, conducting written tests for all the employees was really a costly affair. So the organization wanted to conduct these tests online simultaneously at all the branches.

Solution / Intervention

An online assessment tool Atum Test Pad(ATP) was designed to serve the client needs. Test were conducted through an online link which was shared with all the employees .The best feature of the ATP was that the test were created in the form of question banks from different skill areas and they were accessed by employees through an online portal. Soon after the test was completed, detailed results of the employees were displayed on a dashboard .Reports in the form of charts and tables were generated accordingly to evaluate the employees’ performance.


Since everything was now on an online portal ,it became easy for the instructor and employees to access the tests from anywhere .Besides saving a lot of cost to the company ,the ATP tool helped the organization to track the performance of their agents on various parameters like location ,grade ,time ,product etc. The reports were in the form of charts and tables which helped to compare the performances of their agents internally and across different branches. It also helped the agents to improve their performance by practicing the questions from question bank .Thus ATP standardized the whole assessment process for the organization and helped them to maintain records of all their employees’ performances across all the branches on a single portal.