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What do our Products Solve ?

A product is a solution to a customer's problem. Our products solve problems related with 

  • Management of Online and Classroom Training
  • Performance Support on Job Floors
  • Rapid Authoring of High Class content
  • Authoring of Game Instances
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Learning & Trg Management
> Manage Online Trainings , > Manage Classroom Trainings , > Multilingual Support
Learning Management and Training Management

ATUM-LMS is used by corporates and educational institutions to manage the entire learning & training flow. ATUM-LMS takes care of creating batches of trainees, uploading Elearning courses, training assignment. TMS module covers all the offline / traditional aspects of training like classroom training, resource allocation etc.

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ATUM Testpad
> Machine Learning Algorithm, > Different Question Types, > Advanced Question Types
ATUM-TestPad, Testing-Engine for Assessing

ATUM Testpad (ATP) is a web-based, user-friendly assessment platform with artificial intelligence (machine learning algorithm) which allows for advanced reporting and insights. Its extensive reporting dashboard is used by clients in coming from industries like Insurance, Retail, and Banking etc. to assess or update their sales force.

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> Game Creation Without Coding!, > Games With Multiple Levels, > Easy XLS Sheet Upload to a Game, > More than 20 Gaming Templates
Gamiflexer: Game-based Templates for Interactive eLearnings

Gamiflexer makes it possible for a content designer to create game instances by just selecting a theme and uploading the questions. All this without any dependence on game designer.

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> Easy Rapid Authoring Tool, > Purchase Articulate Storyline 2 and Studio 13', > Build Interactive Online & Mobile eLearning Courses
Articulate: Content Authoring Tool

Articulate Storyline provides a very intuitive and easy to use interface for e-learning course authoring. It is used by skilled course designers and also regular subject matter experts. Because of intuitive interface it is possible to quickly get trained on Articulate Storyline and become productive quickly.

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