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Train On the job, Drive Excellence in Stores

  • Scale-up learning efforts for the in store staff and managers using e-learning and deliver through in-store kiosks
  • Train in local languages
  • Automate skill training at store locations
  • Managers can use observation checklist on mobile devices for on-the-job assessments
  • Intelligent recommendations drive personalized training plants to close skill gaps rapidly

Improve customer experience in store and sell more

  • Deliver high-quality standardized training to wide catchment area of store locations with the workforce which speaks various languages
  • Inform about new product launches rapidly to the workforce
  • Create easy to understand and use SOPs, quickly across the franchises and channel partners
  • Reduce time wastage by utilizing rich content for training
  • Reduce dependence on trainer availability

Accelerate growth and drive consistency across the globe

  • Arm your store sales team with the latest knowledge about product features, benefits and comparisons
  • Enable your sales team with sales skills blended with customer service orientation
  • Use multimedia training to drive the communication to the last mile of the customer interaction
  • Train your point of sales staff and POS cashiers to up-sell and provide suggestions
  • Raise in-store hospitality with a trained and  confident workforce
  • Launch product faster by driving communication quickly to last mile 

Powerful, Fun Learning

  • Learn conveniently at your own pace at a time suited to your work schedule
  • Use gamification to create  learning culture, deliver tough concepts and details with ease, make learning fun for white and blue collar staff
  • Get a clear picture of your progress
  • Plan your learning yourself, grow as much you can and enjoy your success at work
  • Get reminders and wake-up calls
  • Get benefits of learning from micro learning engine