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Scratch Gaming Templates

Stratbeans understands the importance of your learning needs and aims to create impressive game-based solutions that trigger productivity through its engaging approach. Usually the solution to the development of exhaustive/complex and longer games with an already built in question bank. Game design is developed with an elusive discussion between the client and Stratbeans SMEs to create a game that directly aligns with the learning strategy. These games can be lengthy in nature and we provide a pre-baked question game that makes it easy for trainers to quickly distribute it to the learners.




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It is an advanced workflow-based technology, this can used for distribution of games, it can house the gaming templates through which the trainers can create multiple games. The Gaming Arena has a repository where all the games created are housed there. Each game has a different gameplay and theme; the trainers simply pick up the games from the Gaming Arena and allocate them to their trainees.  
Gaming Arena consists of scoreboards, leaderboards and badges; this aims to create a social ecosystem. This is to create a high motivation amongst the users to finish of their tasks. With leaderboards you can showcase the best performing and effective learners which is visible to all the users involved. 
The Gaming Arena can be installed via cloud; which can be made available via a URL. Once accessed by your users can see the games assigned to them; the managers can see the reports and gaming activity.