fbpx Security measures | Stratbeans

Software level security measures

  • Firewall protection at the server level
  • Virus protection at the server level
  • Additional security options at software level (AES Encrypted Database - HTTPS plus certificate - Higher end firewall and virus protections)
  • SQL injection prevention
  • Cross scripting attack prevention
  • DDOS prevention
  • Multi validation layer

Planning level security measures

  • Excess user details not stored (no need of storing private information of user)
  • Suspicious access tracking
  • Audit of critical paths
  • Sample checking
  • Country of origin checks (traffic related correlation)

Feature Induced security measures

  • Content not allowed to be downloaded on machine, only it can be played from the LMS
  • Saved links can not run without authentication
  • Single Sign on – ensuring the same level of authentication security as the organization IT policies