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Support for Vyond's online animation software is available in India now. With Vyond you can easily create professional animated videos. You can create videos for all industries in job roles like marketing, training and eLearning.

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Making videos in Vyond is simple. Start by selecting a style that you like. There are so many pre-made styles for you to choose from. You will notice helpful useful info boxes on the screen to handhold you. To begin your first video start from a readymade template, you have option to choose from three styles

  • Biz friendly,
  • whiteboard animation
  • contemporary

Vyond works with the concept of Stage and Timeline. Stage is what you see in the centre, or the main area if you are familiar with Powerpoint it is like the slide area of Powerpoint. Below the stage you will notice timeline. To make changes to a Stage and add some context to your video, simply reach out to the toolbar above the Stage. In tool bar Asset Library is located on upper left upper left In toolbar you will find a wealth of characters, animated and static props, charts for data presentation, text options and audio options.

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You can also UPLOAD your own images, audio and files to personalise your video.To spice it up further you can record the voice or use text to speech. Also you will have access to tonnes of licensed audio scores to blend.
Finally it comes down to make changes to the characters and making them move using SCREEN TRANSITIONS, EFFECTS and MOTION. Don’t worry, you will find it easy to modify. Look for them in the timeline below stage, the screen transitions and effects are shown in green while motion is shown in blue color.
Asset properties are shown on the right hand side of the toolbar, where you will be able to change all the properties by simple clicks. Feel free to try right clicking, you will intuitively know what you can do next to convey your message correctly to your audience.
Finally, give your video a name and show it to your friends, family and colleagues- we cant wait to see what you create, if you want handholding or support simply book a trial and a demo by filling the contact form on the right. First you must try, and when you are ready to make your purchase or have a question simple reach us on vyond@stratbeans.com

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