Empowering Agri-Educators: Transforming Crop Training Across India

Revolutionizing Agricultural Education with Engaging Multilingual eLearning Solutions

About the Company 

A leading agrochemical company with a global footprint across 85 countries. A trusted brand in India for 100+ years, they’ve made significant contributions to the agriculture domain throughout the nation.

Business Need 
  • The client wanted to effectively train their internal team members, including commercial and contractual agents responsible for educating farmers in various states in India, including Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Bihar, and Delhi. 
  • The client sought the development of concise eLearning modules in English, with a multilingual approach, covering multiple topics. 
  • The eLearning modules needed to be engaging, incorporating animations, conversational elements, and other interactive features. 
  • Delivering classroom training to more than 1000 commercial agents and contractors across various states was challenging. 
  • Classroom sessions also suffered from information overload, hampering learners’ retention levels. 
  • Another multifaceted challenge was to encompass logistic hurdles such as synchronizing the schedules of trainers and agents and the comprehensive dissemination of crucial crop-related information. 
  • Furthermore, providing end-to-end details on crops, including life cycles, prevalent diseases, common pests, and corresponding mitigation and enhancement products, was essential. 
  • Managing content repetition and consistency across multiple agent batches was also a challenge.
Our Solution

We proposed a tailored solution focused on enhancing user engagement and the learning experience. Our approach involved: 

  • Custom Content Development: We framed the content that was concise, visually appealing, and interactive, catering to the diverse learning styles of the intended audience.
  • Multilingual Support: Leveraging our network of language experts, we ensured accurate translations of eLearning modules into multiple regional languages, including Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Kannada, Oriya, Malayalam, Bengali, and others, maintaining consistency and quality throughout.
  • Higher User Engagement: Incorporating animations, simulations, and interactive scenarios, we created immersive learning experiences that captivated learners’ attention. 
  • Mobile Compatibility: To ensure compatibility with mobile devices, we enabled learners to access short refresher courses anytime and anywhere, enhancing accessibility and knowledge retention. 
  • Quality Assurance: Our rigorous quality assurance processes ensured the modules met the client’s accuracy, relevance, and effectiveness standards.

The implementation of the eLearning Crop Module provided the following benefits to the client: 

  • The platform experienced a notable increase in user engagement, with a 64% rise and a significant uptick in active learners accessing the modules regularly.
  • There was a notable 32% surge in the overall effectiveness of the program due to improved quality, interactivity, and ease of understanding.