Enhancing Salesforce Efficiency through Powerful Bytecasting LMS

Boosting Salesforce Performance with Custom-built Assessment Platform

About the Company

The client is a leading life insurance company that offers a wide range of life insurance products, including term insurance, investment plans, and more. They provide their customers with various products to prepare for life’s challenges and opportunities today and tomorrow.

Business Need

  • The client wanted to measure the effectiveness of training programs delivered to their internal insurance selling agents and external agencies.
  • The client was also keen to explore the implementation of LMS to train their diversified workforce.


  • Timely tracking of employees’ efficiency through a centralized platform was a challenge.
  • Conducting written tests for all insurance selling agents spread across different geographies was a costly affair.

Our Solution

  • We created an online assessment platform to measure salesforce efficiency through training programs.
  • We also designed a custom-designed Bytecasting LMS to provide training for their direct sales employees, bank insurers, and personnel from external agencies.


  • The program was very successful as the client could certify a large number of employees in a short time.
  • Substantial cost savings of over 40% were achieved in compliance and certification training expenses.
  • A notable surge of 13% in sales was observed over one year.
  • Compliance issues were reduced by 60% in the first year post-implementation of Bytecasting LMS.