Gamiflexer makes it possible for a content designer to create game instances by just selecting a theme and uploading the questions. All this without any dependence on game designer. (Gamification)

Games as Enhanced Assessments

Training is quite important in any organisation function but assessment is certainly the most important. The challenge is to motivate and excite the trainees for it.

Gamification/Game based learning is a top trend in learning and development.

For Any Job Role

Gamiflexer is suitable for any job role, this tool along with continuous agent involvement helps to train employees in the most engaging, interacting and interesting way

More than 20 Game Templates

It gives the trainers a facility to create gamified quizzes in more than 20 game concepts with just a click.

Games with Multiple Levels

The most interesting part is , that there are different levels and stages according to the scale trainees reach and the complexity of the game increases with it. This enhances their subject knowledge, without making it boring or complex. Instead of the trainee running away from the assessment, they would love to check their limits through the game, and at the same time, learn.

From XLS sheet upload to Game

Trainer can either use the panel to create questions or simply upload existing sheet with questions to create a game instance.


Highly Engaging

Gamiflexer has various games that help learners stay engrossed with the story narrative, challenge and immediate feedback. These games can be used for creating an engaging learning experience. Narrative structure of games allows students to immerse themselves in a context in order to develop a skill.

Improved Outcomes

Gamiflexer's various eLearning games aim at improving memory, problem solving, communication and collaboration, strategic thinking and social skills. It leverages gaming in learning to produce better learning outcomes. Users correct and repeat certain habits and behaviors; so they move forward and get positive feedback.

Fun Learning

Gamiflexer's gamified eLearning games makes the learning experience entertaining and enjoyable. With the help of gamification in serious learning, you can drive high participation. Foster a secure, safe and contextual environment through games. Learners get to improve their skills without the risk of failure.



Content developer uses Gamiflexer in following scenarios:

  • Development of games as an alternative for quizzes
  • SCORM based gamiflexer output can be included in existing content

In a ILT (instructor led training) session, trainers require content that can allow more fun classroom participation.

  • Using Gamiflexer, trainer can blend his training content to a game in less than 10 minutes, such content when used in classroom makes the learning and recall much better.


Learning and development team of organization are looking for newer and modern means. Gamiflexer is the right step towards using game based learning and assessment.