Job Description

Role: Software Developer (R&D)
Qualification: B.Tech / M.Tech
Location: Gurgaon / Bangalore
Role Type: Full Time (Currently Work From Home)
CTC: As per the industry norms

Skills and Experience

  • 2+ year experience
  • Tier 1 or Tier 2 Engineering school
  • Competitive programming experience
  • Should have played a significant role in technical challenging projects

About Us

  • Stratbeans is an IT Products company which offers mobile and online learning products to large corporates such as Aviva, Honda, Intel, Metlife, KFC, Atrenta and many others organisations.
  • Stratbeans was founded by an Alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad ad IIT Kanpur.
  • We invite you to be a part of the software product development team, which develops world class enterprise systems like Learning Management Systems (LMS), AI Based Sales Enablement Platform (ASP), Performance Support System.
  • These systems make use of modern technologies like cloud, mobility, AI and machine learning


Software Developer (Product R&D), are required to have deeper technical skills as compared to regular application developers, typically people with strong background in algorithms and competitive programming shine in the role. 

It involves a research based development approach. Whereby newer features or newer product lines are created at a rapid pace, involving various relevant technologies. 

Some output of our product R&D teams are 

  • Development of completing no code based content authoring tool in a period of 1 month
  • Development of Sales Enablement role play system in a period of 1.5 month and which is used by top insurance organization to test over 1 Lakh users
  • Development of Hiring Cred solution in period of 1 month which are used as a credibility ranking
  • Delivery of cluster based system for predictive analytics based reports in a period of 2 weeks

Rapid development of product happens because of higher breadth of knowledge in various technologies like backend, frontend, AI, Data science. We distribute ourself into crack team who are able to work at blitz speed and deliver.

If you like the pace of technology and are delivery oriented, then ONLY this role is for you.

Must Have

  • Design algorithm for a given problem using right set of data structure
  • Strong grasp of database concepts
  • Should have worked on a web application / mobile application
  • Flexibility to switch between front end and back end technologies
  • Ability to work independently with minimal direction 

Good to Have Skills

  • Evidences of self initiated project 
  • Good communication skills.  
  • May have published technical papers or Provable active involvement in technical community of particular technology (We strongly avoid people with namesake github project account)


Varied, depending on depth and breadth of experience. We allow candidates to share their expectation and then take a call basis our calibration.

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