Learning and Development Consulting, Digital learning strategy can make or break competitiveness in a customer centric environment. In a properly thought through strategy, the benefits of e-learning and learning outcomes have to be clearly defined. Moreover, the paradigm shift in the conceptualisation of online learning is required which defines it in clear terms like

  • Managing trainings in large organisation with a wide spread to implement online learning programs with a minimal number of dedicated resources?
  • Formulating eLearning strategy which aligns with organizations’ scaling needs matching competency pipeline? Aligning L&D to business strategies and demonstrating the ROI to leadership
  • How to benefit from Cloud, Mobility, Chatbot, AI and Analytics?
  • Gaining Insights on leadership coaching skills and its benefits
  • Building effective L&D culture to elevate positive business impact
  • Leveraging L&D analytics for evaluating its impact
  • Driving digital transformation to equip L&D professionals for the future of learning
  • Deciding mix of content including people processes and delivery to achieve specific business objectives of the organisation. (Capability strategy linkage)
  • Choosing the right technologies to effectively train and empower your employees by leveraging various technological advancements with the potential to revolutionize the L&D
  • Defining KRA/KPI’s for L&D team to correctly measure and build credibility of L&D function

Stratbeans provides eLearning Consulting that can guide new eLearning adopters in the following areas:

  • Partner Selection: Finding a training and technology implementation partner. What are the qualities to look for in a perfect training partner, aligning training partner’s goals with that of the company. Identifying challenges in managing the external training partner
  • Technical Support Blueprint: We Leveraging technology to make the L&D function strategic to overall business goal. Our technical consultants are not only knowledgeable in domain areas but also in technical aspects. Such as the implementation of a learning management system (LMS), shortlisting the right technology stack to go with the program, rapid authoring technology selection etc. Stratbeans, as one of the leading elearning companies in India provides its expertise on hardware sizing and creates the roadmap of technology adoption which specifies the role of key technologies along with the peripheral ones. Stratbeans offers in-depth consulting which guides our clients in being able to maximize benefits of e-Learning solutions
  • Driving Success through Reporting and analytics: We provide assistance in analyzing reports generated by LMS system(s). We help the customers implement advanced reporting and analytics dashboards to extract meaningful decision points and to steer the program to a successful adoption by learners
  • Industry and subject matter experts (SME): Our credible and effective consultants do a very thorough training requirement analysis which guides in understanding and assessing the target users and the learning needs. We define how to train employees who are not as tech savvy but are subject matter expert. Bringing emotional intelligence (EI) in learning and development
  • Skill-Gap analysis : Our eLearning consultants carry on skill-gap analysis before the implementation to help in the development of an effective learning solution on an agile technology platform. Addressing specific challenge areas such as “Training Gen X leaders to adapt to Gen Y workforce”
  • Managing Culture of Learning : Building a culture to increase employee engagement, optimize talent and develop high performing teams. Analysing insights on the latest culture development strategies implemented by top organisations. Discover the latest techniques, trends and tools to help you build thriving cultures and bringing Importance of employee wellness and its impact on employee productivity to help in the learning culture and business impact thru that
  • Leveraging latest innovations in AI and Machine Learning for L&D: We develop Guidance on use of artificial intelligence and on how Virtual trainings can give results in the limitations and constraints imposed by resources and learner behaviours. Or how the recent developments in Artificial Intelligence can shape eLearning / How AI is reshaping L&D and what it means for the future of an organisation. We also analyse and scope out the roadblocks to adopt Artificial intelligence in Learning and Development