Learning collaboration platform is a super LMS and you can call it a learning management system on steroids. With LxP the strategic management can define important competencies which are key to the growth of business and then monitor the actual inventory status of those competencies in real-time, after the competencies are discovered it is the job of training managers of the organisation to fill the gap between desired and existing levels, to help with correcting the gaps. LxP platform uses artificial intelligence to recommend a learning path to employees in such a way that employees get pulled into it and enjoy their learning material offered.

The recommendation engine creates a personalised plan for each individual by matching the recommendation where past success history of the person. This is important because without knowing the taste and the learning behaviour of a person, recommendations will fail. Learning collaboration platform or LxP is capable of discovering all the competencies that are there in the employees of the organisation. LxP platform also works as a performance support engine and makes the Gyan or the existing knowledge content within the organisation to go to use in a sense Monetise us all the tacit knowledge In the organisation.

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    Report platform has many value-added tools within it for example it gives a micro site who each subject matter expert within the organisation with that micro site your subject matter experts can share their knowledge in the form of video clips podcast blogs text documents and many other things.
    Micro sites are the key to collaboration among employees because it exposes the people within the organisation who are the best in a key competency and are therefore worth following and interacting with if I want my own performance at work to improve, with micro sites it is possible for a learning culture to emerge in which people across business units, hierarchies interact with each other with the sole purpose of improving themselves and improving our organisation as a whole.Another interesting part of LxP platform is that it works as a deep search virtual engine using which the organisation can save millions of dollars in wasted effort for example if I am looking for some information I can speak on the go perform interface or type my request and the platform will analyse using machine learning specifics of what I am looking for and match it with my context so if I am a salesperson looking for a product comparison the platform will look for that within all the unstructured and structured information stored in different files different videos or even within LMS or product brochures and respond to me with a very precise answer to my question now all this happens within a second there for it saves me enormous amount of stress if that information is critical to a job performance say in sales closer or you know Support Request to my customer.