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MOBIUS has very strong security features including data and content encryption which ensures that no unauthorized user can log in and see the courses which are stored on the mobile app. Moreover, the courses expire at the set duration on the device thus safeguarding the learning content from piracy. The mobile offline player application integrates with the Learning Management System if required.
Mobile Offline player application MOBIUS is a digital communication and employee engagement application which runs in online as well as in offline mode. It is used for distributing learning content on mobile devices. This application does not require the internet for running and tracking of course updates. It acts as a one click knowledge repository.

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  • Learners can learn when there is no internet
  • Very useful for everyone who is on the move
  • Share knowledge bullets on a daily basis
  • Fire a rapid quiz based on the knowledge already shared
  • Collect all reports on central repository system

Method Of Mobius

  • The content is uploaded on integrator or LMS.
  • The content reaches mobile devices by syncing.
  • All the interactions of content on the mobile device are saved by pressing the sync button on the app, and we do not require the internet after that.
  • Whenever faintest internet is available for a fraction of the time the reports are synced and the dashboard is updated with all the rich tracking data and score.
  • Optionally we also give the mobile content creation engine and LMS/Integrator
  • Optionally we digitize all the content on behalf of our customer- from our delivery centers

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    The tracking reports and assessment score of all the mobile app users within an organization are collected on central MIS dashboard. This dashboard is available on a cloud to the training managers. The central dashboard also has a repository along with it in which the learning content can be uploaded by trainers and assigned to the users online. Based on this assignment, the mobile app intelligently synchronizes and downloads the courses on the mobile app for a particular user.

    Rich Reporting Dashboard

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      Mobile App

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      My Mobile Courses

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      Mobile Assessment

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      Get Instant Score

    Mobile App

    Using Mobius

    • Training courses accessed through smartphones/tablets.
    • Users access e-learning courses anywhere, anytime.

    My Mobile Courses



    • Drop down menu for choosing option
    • course visual
    • course name
    • what will I learn in this course
    • Have I started using the course, what is the status?
    • press this button to launch the course


    Mobius SYNC

    Get the content and send back for MIS.

    Mobile Assessment

    Mobile Assessment

    Assessment can appear as a task of Assignment, test, study, or survey. Unique web-based evaluations can likewise be as electronic accommodation structures, modernized versatile testing (a PC based test that adjusts to a student’s expertise), and mechanized order testing.

    Get Instant Score



    Trainers evaluate the performance of users and send back their reports.



    • Learning Activity/ Test results are reported through rich online dashboard
    • Number of attempts, scores, comparisons, location wise results will be available

    Prime Benefits Of Mobius


    The Process of completion of assessment and exchange of the submission report between the trainee and the trainer is so rapid that there is no possibility of trainer not getting the user report and any connection break between the two.


    The mobile offline player acts as a powerful micro-learning solution as it ensures convenient and Nugget Learning, without any disruption caused by poor internet connectivity.