Press Release – Stratbeans introduces an Advanced Sales Enablement Solution for the Pharmaceuticals Industry

Press Release – Stratbeans, a leading provider of AI-based online learning solutions, today announced the launch of Atum Sales Plus, a new-age sales enablement solution powered by AI for the pharmaceuticals industry. The employment of Atum Sales Plus will equip the sales professionals in the pharma segment with better skills and technology, which would enhance their sales readiness, leading to improved customer engagement and in turn, higher revenue generation.

The new sales enablement platform would allow faster onboarding of new sales team, provide remote coaching and practice opportunities, generate personalised training modules along with offering extensive AI-based performance support in the form of reference library. All this would greatly enhance the efficiency of the sales personnel and enable them to deliver value-based selling experiences successfully.

According to Pradeip Agarwal, COO & Co-founder, Stratbeans, “We are extremely delighted to announce the launch of our next-gen, agile sales enablement solution, Atum Sales Plus, which aims to fuel the sales efficiency in the pharma industry. Sales enablement is critical to ensure a healthy bottom line in these current unpredictable times. And, it is utmost important to give sellers the right technology in hand which could allow them to effectively spearhead sales and create maximum value and impact. Introduction of Atum Sales Plus is a milestone for us, and we look forward to make a valuable difference.”

Besides enhancing the selling skills and potential of the pharma field work force, the employment of Atum Sales Plus would also enable the sales team to deliver tailor made customer experiences and build extremely compliant relationships, which is a key requirement of the industry.

Agarwal further adds, “At Stratbeans, innovation is our key mantra, and we are confident that the new sales enablement technology will empower sellers in the pharma segment to improve their operational efficiency, drive better sales and achieve maximum ROI.”

By providing up-to-date, real-time information on products and developments, the integration with Atum Sales Plus would also lead to a significant reduction of product launch times for the pharma companies.

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