Revolutionizing the learning by enabling Generative AI in elearning industry.

Experience the transformative impact of AI in elearning industry world with Stratbeans. Discover our cutting-edge initiatives that are revolutionizing learning
  • AI-infused learning solutions with intelligent content recommendation and personalized learning paths.
  • Seamlessly create assessments and FAQs using our ChatGPT and AI-powered features, enhancing learning outcomes.
  • Harness the power of Generative AI to create custom trackable eLearning courses, making Stratbeans the ideal choice for content creation.

By leveraging machine learning algorithms we enabled AI in elearning industry, we also enabled learners to receive tailored content and adaptive feedback, optimizing their learning experience and fostering better knowledge retention.

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    Unleash the Power of Bytecasting

    Elevate Learning to New Heights with Stratbeans' AI-Driven Solutions

    Learning Experience Platform (LxP)

    Transform your employee learning experience with an innovative approach that leverages Artificial Intelligence and personalized recommendations tailored to individual competencies. Our Learning Experience Platform (LXP) empowers you with valuable insights and powerful tools to align your employees' skills with your business objectives. With a focus on upskilling, reskilling, and cross-skilling, our LXP enables learners and organizations to concentrate their efforts effectively

    Elevate Course Creation with ChatGPT and Generative AI

    Discover a groundbreaking approach to course and microlearning creation, powered by ChatGPT and advanced AI technology. Experience an extraordinary 100-fold acceleration in course development compared to traditional methods. Simply provide a reference text to outline the course structure, and the function will effortlessly generate the remaining content, revolutionizing the entire creation process.

    You get instant outcomes and return of interest when you enable AI features.


    Users and learners gets quality courses quick which improves learning outcomes.


    AI modules with mobile first design and great user experience seals the deal.

    Enhance Customer Support: Generating FAQs with ChatGPT & Generative AI

    Discover our cutting-edge solution that leverages the power of GPT to effortlessly create Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Our advanced technology empowers you to generate comprehensive FAQs that can be customized and refined to suit your specific requirements. Experience a streamlined process of FAQ creation that enhances your customer service capabilities, resulting in improved satisfaction and efficiency.

    Redefine Assessment Creation with ChatGPT & Generative AI in elearning

    Embrace a new era of assessment creation with the game-changing potential of artificial intelligence. Our innovative solution revolutionizes the speed at which assessments are generated, outperforming traditional methods by an astonishing 100-fold. With these remarkable capabilities, generating assessments has never been easier. Simply provide a guidance text, specify the desired question type and quantity, and witness the magic in an instant. Experience a seamless and efficient assessment creation process that frees up valuable time and resources.
    Bytecasting Mobile Learning ai in elearning

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