We deliver "Learning Frameworks" through eLearning services, ChatGPT and AI driven platforms

We simplify the workflows by creating an automated Digital Learning for performance enhancement framework, that helps clients save time and cost in upskilling and reskilling new and existing employees.
  • Creative design principles
  • Machine learning technology
  • Mobile first approach
  • Collaboration mechanism & social capability to stay up with the modern times
  • Competency and role flexibility framework (CRFF)

Stratbeans is a boutique online learning solution company providing creative and interactive eLearning content and AI driven technology platforms for driving customer success through Digital Transformation combined with ROI based approach. Stratbeans eLearning services, learning management and performance enablement apps are being used by incorporating the following to help organizations adapt to the future of work, and enable their employees to lead and succeed.

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    Our eLearning Products

    Additional enhancements on top on LMS featuresAdditional enhancements on top on LMS features
    AI Support in identifying work ready skillAI Support in identifying work ready skill
    Competency and Skill managementCompetency and Skill management
    Skill based learning path recommendationsSkill based learning path recommendations
    ChatGPT driven FAQ creationChatGPT driven FAQ creation
    "Open Web Content" in sync with competencies"Open Web Content" in sync with competencies
    "Public Digital Library" for open courses"Public Digital Library" for open courses
    Gamified framework PLUSGamified framework PLUS
    Video based scenario assessmentVideo based scenario assessment
    support for skill enablement PLUS modulesupport for skill enablement PLUS module
    Organization’s Skill and Competency InsightsOrganization’s Skill and Competency Insights
    eLearning ManagementeLearning Management
    Classroom and ILT ManagementClassroom and ILT Management
    Gamified assessmentGamified assessment
    Ask ExpertAsk Expert
    Video based scenario assessmentVideo based scenario assessment
    Support for skill enablementSupport for skill enablement
    Analytical DashboardAnalytical Dashboard

    Our eLearning Services

    Gamified eLearning

    Engage and motivate learners with our interactive gamified eLearning solutions, fostering a fun and effective learning environment.

    Interactive eLearning

    Foster active participation and knowledge retention through our interactive eLearning modules, making learning an immersive and dynamic experience.


    Enhance your workforce's learning and development, practical skills and decision-making abilities with our realistic and immersive simulations

    2D/3D Explainer Video

    Simplify complex concepts and captivate learners with our visually stunning 2D/3D explainer videos, ensuring easy comprehension and engagement.

    Ready-Made Courses

    Save time and effort with our ready-made courses, covering a wide range of topics, allowing for quick implementation of training programs.

    Center of Excellence Setup

    Establish Center of Excellence for learning and development, leveraging our expertise and comprehensive setup to drive organizational growth.