Successful LMS Implementation & Engaging eLearning for Global Salesforce

Improving Workforce Retention and Sales Productivity

About the Company

The client company is the second largest credit card provider in India with a base of over 18 million cards in force. They offer a wide range of credit cards from super premium and premium to classic, travel & shopping, and exclusive co-branded cards, catering to multiple customer segments and evolving customer needs. The client’s customer-centric approach has made them win coveted industry awards for supreme quality customer service, marketing, and product innovations.

Business Need

  • The client wanted to utilize a centralized platform to adequately train their front-facing employees including sales reps and customer service agents.
  • They also wanted an efficient platform through which their salesforce could undergo training whenever and wherever needed.


  • Lengthy classroom training couldn’t keep pace with the changing regulatory landscape, leaving sales reps unprepared for real-world scenarios.
  • Training salespeople with limited knowledge and shorter tenures was another challenge.
  • Inaccurate information during credit card processing led to a concerning surge in compliance issues.

Our Solution

  • We implemented Bytecasting LMS to address bespoke training requirements at any point of need, boosting employee retention and performance.
  • We designed visually-appealing online training courses, improving employee engagement.
  • We created interactive eLearning modules in various languages such as Hindi, Tamil, and Bengali.


  • The dependence on the trainers went down significantly, resulting in improved geographical reach and better sales.
  • Localization of learning content helped learners to retain knowledge and apply it effectively during customer interactions.
  • Tailored training equipped staff with the right skills to ensure accurate data entry, mitigating errors and boosting efficiency.
  • Employee engagement soared by 45% with our visually-appealing online learning courses.
  • The overall course completion rates jumped 40% and business sales increased by 30% post implementation of our platform.