Successful LMS Implementation for Automobile Dealer Network 

Boosting Engagement and Efficiency of Auto Dealer Workforce 


  • A large two-wheeler automobile company using an established learning and training program for their dealership users and service centres.
  • Most of their training was conducted in a classroom setting, limiting their scalability and targeting capabilities.
  • They had specific training and development processes that were not offered by most LMS providers.
  • An internal LMS was developed, but it was not successful in addressing their challenges.


  • Limited scalability of the training program due to classroom training.
  • Difficulty in providing targeted training to specific groups.
  • Inability to identify training gaps and target achievement effectively.
  • The internal LMS was not scalable and did not provide adequate support for customers’ training needs.

Our Solution

  • The Bytecasting LMS provided training planners to create an entire year’s training plan, including trainers and targets.
  • Domain-specific reports were developed to identify training gaps, coverage, and target achievement.
  • The customer was able to  set their own rules for training modules and identify which dealership users fulfilled the criteria.
  • Our solution also incorporated a robust reporting system to access detailed insights and analytics about training activities, user engagement, and performance metrics.
  • Integrations were done with attendance management, dealer database, SMS API, and other systems.
  • Scenario-based video  assessments were introduced covering different aspects during client interactions. 


  • The overall scalability and effectiveness of the training program increased by 40%.
  • Our LMS also helped maintain accurate records of employee training, certifications, and performance metrics. 
  • Scenario-based video assessments helped improve workforce skills and competency by 30%. 
  • More efficient tracking and reporting of training data, resulting in a significant increase of 20%.