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The Launch of Vyond Go: Creating Videos in Seconds Starts Now

With Gary Lipkowitz, Matt Harney, Lisa Smith, and Katrina Yee
Wednesday, June 28, 9am PT / 12pm ET / 5pm BST

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    The wait is over for Vyond Go

    The industry’s first AI-powered script and video creator — has arrived. Join us for a virtual launch party to celebrate this industry milestone and learn more about how Vyond Go will supercharge your video creation.

    In this fun, informative presentation, Vyond’s CEO Gary Lipkowitz, CTO Matt Harney, and Director of Product Management Katrina Yee, will join Lisa Smith, Vyond’s Head of Corporate Marketing, to show you how this powerful new tool can help you generate editable, relevant, and business-friendly scripts and video content in seconds.

    Specifically, you’ll learn:
    • Why Vyond Go will be a gamechanger for companies of all kinds
    • How to create the first cut of a script and video in 30 seconds or less
    • How to use Quick Edit to adjust text-to-speech voices within Vyond Go—and edit further in Vyond Studio

    Meet the Speakers

    Lisa Smith

    Head of Corporate Marketing, Vyond

    Lisa Smith is the Head of Corporate Marketing at Vyond, where she manages content marketing, creative and design, website and digital experience as well as social media and community.
    Matt Harney

    Chief Technology Officer, Vyond

    Matt Harney is the Chief Technology Officer at Vyond, drawing upon his 20 years of experience in coding, 15 in product design, and 10 in both graphics and dev-ops, plus a deep knowledge of the gaming industry.
    Gary Lipkowitz

    CEO, Vyond

    Gary Lipkowitz is the CEO of Vyond. Over the past 11 years he has crafted the company’s strategy and guided its growth.
    Katrina Yee

    Director of Product Management, Vyond

    Katrina Yee is Director of Product Management at Vyond and a passionate, customer-centric, data-driven product leader with 15+ years of experience building digital products.