Transforming Pharma Training with Cutting-Edge eLearning Solutions

Leveraging Explainer Videos for Salesforce Engagement and Retention

About the Company

The client, headquartered in London, is a prominent pharmaceutical company established in 2002. Over the years, it has grown to become the world’s tenth-largest pharmaceutical company in the world. Recognized for its huge impact in the industry, the company secured a coveted spot on the 2022 Fortune Global 500 list, joining other leading pharma enterprises. 

Business Need 
  • The client wanted to create engaging eLearning videos for their internal team, especially field reps and salespeople responsible for promoting and selling the company’s products. 
  • They wanted to educate and train their salesforce about human anatomy on concepts such as the immune system, deficiencies like calcium and zinc, and other common diseases.
  • They also required videos explaining the concepts of immunology and vaccinology and demonstrating how the company’s drugs help treat specific deficiencies or diseases. 
  • Globally Dispersed Workforce: Providing refresher training post completion of classroom sessions was time-consuming which led to reduced employee participation.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Maintaining high knowledge retention in classroom sessions and its application in real-world scenarios resulted in potential compliance gaps.
  • Evolving Learning Needs: As the learning culture evolved with digitization and training methods advanced, it was essential to support continuous learning initiatives and provide relevant training. 
Our Solution
  • We focused on adopting visual training methods to facilitate better comprehension. 
  • We utilized high-quality graphics and 3D models of human anatomy to simplify complicated medical concepts. 
  • We also created animations to illustrate the high impact of deficiencies in the human body and how drugs can contribute to improving overall health.  
  • In addition, we utilized various content display methods including short explainer videos with character animations and graphics to increase engagement. 
  • Engaging Videos: 3D explainer videos covered all major aspects from drugs prescribed for specific ailments to drug dosage recommendations based on age and target demographics. 
  • Improved R&D: Salespeople became more proficient in conducting research and developing the latest vaccines, which led to the introduction of more alternatives in the market. 
  • Enhanced Training: Medical reps were adequately trained and equipped with the relevant knowledge to educate healthcare professionals and consumers about product usage and demonstrations. 
  • Improved Retention: Visual learning techniques improved knowledge retention and employee participation by 45% and 77% respectively.
  • Better Understanding of Medical Concepts: These interactive videos also helped enhance employees’ understanding of medical concepts, contributing to the success of the company’s product portfolio
  • Positive Long-Term Outcomes: Long-term data, such drug efficacy further underscored the positive outcomes of the visual learning initiative.