Transforming Workforce Training for India’s Leading Life Insurance Company

Enhancing Fire Safety Awareness with Explainer Videos

About the Company

The client is an Indian life insurance company and the largest non-bank private sector life insurer in India. Its distribution channels include banks, individual agents, brokers, and corporate agents. In addition to life coverage, the company offers health, pension, as well as child protection, retirement, and other growth plans.

Business Need 
  • The client wanted to train their 10,000+ employees, who are spread across various departments and 300 office locations nationwide, including field personnel and security guards. 
  • They also wanted to transition from manual training methods to automation. 
  • They required the development of multiple videos explaining fire safety procedures, including slogans, dos and don’ts, past incidents, and actions to take during a Fire Emergency.
  • Difficulty in disseminating information across various regions through manual training sessions.
  • Resource constraints led to time-consuming and repetitive training sessions.
  • There was a need for a centralized documentation system to prevent information misplacement.
Our Solution


  • We conducted thorough analysis of the client’s existing training needs and identified their pain areas. Our team proposed to visit the client’s office premises to capture real-time images and videos to create immersive and engaging modules. 
  • We created a comprehensive script and an engaging storyboard incorporating the client’s branding elements outlining the sequence of information, animations to be used, etc. 
  • We embedded different animations to cover the key points and give end users an experience of scenario-based visuals of the office premises. 
  • We developed explainer videos in multiple formats compatible with the client’s internal communication channels, including standard and HD video formats for Whatsapp.
  • 56% higher satisfaction levels were reported by users in terms of the module’s quality, interactivity, and ease of understanding. 
  • A significant reduction in manual training time resulted in more efficient information dissemination and increased retention levels by 44%
  • WhatsApp-compatible video increased accessibility, resulting in a 30% increase in views.
  • Switching to a short video-based learning format saved 50% of training time compared to traditional methods.