Get a fully functional cloud-based LMS at a cost lower than moodle!



Disadvantages of Moodle Benefits of ATUM LMS Lite
  • Moodle doesn't provide updates which creates support issues later on
  • Moodle instance shows deteriorating performance for higher concurrency of access (when a lot of users access all ar one time)
  • Though Moodle source code is free, however the customization creates dependence on the IT expert and if the expert leaves or shuts down then it creates a disaster for Moodle users
  • IT costs for customizing the moodle instance
  • Additional  IT Cost for adding classroom training, competency and HR master data
  • Get ATUM LMS Lite at all inclusive yearly cost and avoid headache of managing IT resources and cloud cost
  • Scale-up or scale-down as per your requirement
  • Get tool for Content Digitization along with LMS
  • Get Mobile app for offline & remote usage of LMS

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