What is ATUM-LMS?

ATUM-Learning Mangement System is used by corporate and educational institutions to manage the entire learning & training process. It has advanced e-Learning/Simulation/Gamified learning launch capability. With ATUM-LMS mobile/online learning become viable for large and medium-sized corporate companies.

ATUM-LMS is state-of-art Learning management tool used to host, assign and track computer based learning.

ATUM-LMS includes Training Management System (TMS) module which brings efficiency into instructor-led training/classroom training. ATUM-LMS is a very useful tool to create trainee batches, upload e-Learning modules, and training assignments.




ATUM-LMS is used by different segments of users with different pain areas. See if your problem matches one of the existing problems.

ATUM-LMS is a modular software, which means you can add or drop features as per your need. You can explore available modules to see which ones suit your organization requirements.

Retail Industry


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Financial Industry

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Hospitality Industry

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Healthcare Industry

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BPO & KPO Industry

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Who are the users of ATUM-LMS

Learning and Development Function

For the L&D function of the organization, ATUM-LMS provides the opportunity to:
  • Increase accountability and effectiveness of learning and development functions by tracking and automating content delivery on mobile devices and normal computers.
  • Easily identify best performers in the organization.
  • Capture and replicate best performance across various departments.
  • Make learning fun by using gamified learning content instead of regular page turners.


When a company reaches a critical size, managing training by traditional routes becomes tough and wasteful, that is the right time to get ATUM-LMS.

ATUM-LMS allows corporate to start simple and as more complexity come with other modules are activated. Here are the key advantages:
  • Streamlines the learning processes so that energy can be put on other aspects of business.
  • SOPs / Induction Training / Subject Matter training can be centralized and tracked.

Educational Institutions

Educational institutions all across the world, are the biggest user of learning dissemination platforms.

MOOC is in itself a revolution and ATUM-LMS system has been designed to host such content.

Educational institutions are where the biggest segment of LMS users come from. We are serving leading institutions globally with our LMS product offerings.

Choose from Powerful Modules



Polyglot as the name implies takes care of making the LMS available to its end users in various languages. It is of extreme value in situations where end users are comfortable only in their native language, which in turn leads to high usage and coverage.




TMS modules support management of classroom training, uploading of trainer's data, class attendance and resource management.



Content authoring module allows a quick development of content using the LMS itself. This is complementary to the external E-Learning modules that are uploaded on the system. It works well when a content has to be developed quickly and there is not much time for getting an external E-Learning made.



Quizzing module supports a variety of question types including Audio-visuals questions. It generates random questions with randomization options. The question bank and multiple banks can be blended in a test paper with various configuration options available.



Gamification module makes it possible to bring gamification features into the LMS. This module allows bringing in different game dynamics into your quiz and content. This is quite a popular module for high-end users.



Performance support module enables development of content for performance support. This is used by our clients for on the job training to provide knowledge support in the live job floors.