IT Services – We put a lot of thought in the web-portal design. The portal of an organisation is perhaps the most important item among all the online assets that an organisation develops over a period of time. It is important to understand the role of website in the specific business context, and this context may change as per business goals. For example it may serve as one of the following :

Primary source of lead generation or as a vehicle for online marketing, we provide a single window to all stakeholders (prospects, customers, Employees, investor, news media). A showcase for organisation’s various products and services, distinctions, contact points etc. Common thread to the social media platforms CMS based website for continuous content variety.

The list of objectives may be endless and there is always something new or innovative a business may chose to do. Therefore it is important for us to absorb the thought process of key sponsors to the website project. We use a well tested four phase methodology which allows us to efficiently develop a robust web presence for the organisation and also enable it with marketing and social media features..