Unlock the true potential of online learning with BYTECASTING ChatGPT Driven Learning Management System (LMS) and Learning Experience Platform (LxP).

Bytecasting: Powered by state-of-the-art AI technology, BYTECASTING platform revolutionizes the way you acquire knowledge and skills. With a host of cutting-edge features, including content authoring, ChatGPT Assessment creation, ChatGPT FAQ generation, and AI-powered FAQ search, BYTECASTING takes your learning experience to new heights.

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Fast, Reliable and Equipped with the latest Technology learn why Bytecasting is one of The Top Learning Management System in the world. We have combined all aspects of the e-learning world and have made our product satisfy your every need. Bytecasting is the top learning management system. Having an adaptable and customisable Learning management system is a must-have need for the corporate world as handling years of large data and migrations turns out to be a hectic process. Book a demo or meeting and explore the world of BYTECASTING Chat GPT Driven Solution

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    AI Generative Content Authoring

    Engage learners with AI-based courses, modules, and interactive materials. Enhance retention and engagement by using multimedia elements, assessments, and activities. Unlocks creativity and deliver impactful learning experiences that resonate with your audience.

    Vast Course and Content Library

    Explore our extensive library of 1 million diverse learning resources. Access courses, articles, videos, and more to expand your knowledge across various subjects and domains. Fuel your learning journey with our wealth of interesting content.

    ChatGPT Assessment Creator

    Assess learning outcomes with ChatGPT Assessment creator. Design quizzes, tests, and surveys to measure understanding and retention. Foster continuous improvement and evaluate the effectiveness of your learning programs.

    ChatGPT FAQ Creation

    Centralize knowledge sharing with ChatGPT FAQ creation. Compile commonly asked questions and answers to address queries. Promote self-service support, reduce repetitive inquiries, and foster a culture of self-directed learning. Great UX & time saver.

    AI Search of FAQ for On-the-Job Support

    Get instant answers with AI-powered FAQ search. Our advanced algorithms understand queries and retrieve contextually relevant information. Enhance productivity, minimize downtime, and provide on-the-job support with quick access to solutions and resources.

    Other Features

    Empower your organization's growth and excellence with Bytecasting
    Additional enhancements on top on LMS featuresAdditional enhancements on top on LMS features
    AI Support in identifying work ready skillAI Support in identifying work ready skill
    Competency and Skill managementCompetency and Skill management
    Skill based learning path recommendationsSkill based learning path recommendations
    ChatGPT driven FAQ creationChatGPT driven FAQ creation
    "Open Web Content" in sync with competencies"Open Web Content" in sync with competencies
    "Public Digital Library" for open courses"Public Digital Library" for open courses
    Gamified framework PLUSGamified framework PLUS
    Video based scenario assessmentVideo based scenario assessment
    support for skill enablement PLUS modulesupport for skill enablement PLUS module
    Organization’s Skill and Competency InsightsOrganization’s Skill and Competency Insights
    eLearning ManagementeLearning Management
    Classroom and ILT ManagementClassroom and ILT Management
    Gamified assessmentGamified assessment
    Ask ExpertAsk Expert
    Video based scenario assessmentVideo based scenario assessment
    Support for skill enablementSupport for skill enablement
    Analytical DashboardAnalytical Dashboard

    About Stratbeans

    Stratbeans is a boutique online learning solution company providing creative and interactive eLearning content and AI driven technology platforms for driving customer success through Digital Transformation combined with ROI based approach. Stratbeans eLearning services, learning management and performance enablement apps are being used by incorporating the following to help organizations adapt to the future of work, and enable their employees to lead and succeed.
    • Creative design principles
    • Machine learning technology
    • Mobile first approach
    • Collaboration mechanism
    • Social capability to stay up with the modern times
    • Competency and role flexibility framework (CRFF)
    We simplify the workflows by creating an automated Digital Learning for performance enhancement framework, that helps clients save time and cost in upskilling and reskilling new and existing employees.